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Fashion by instinct
Casual Fashion Vintage Fashion Style

Fashion by instinct

Simple, elegant and independent, this label born of an intuition conquers the public in the reign of fast fashion. ” Organic “. This word, which in fashion defines a way of doing things instinctively, without calculation, of course, imposes itself in the spirit of the times. It is therefore fashionable to say that one creates “organically”. Practical, the …

Luxury Children's Fashion
children fashion Vintage Fashion Style

Luxury Children’s Fashion

It is the discreet nugget of a very secret group. Created in 1975 by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen, Bonpoint entered the fold of the family holding EPI almost thirty years later. The latter, who owns, among others, the Piper-Heidsieck and Charles Heidsieck champagnes and the JMWeston shoes, has been managed for thirteen years by Christopher Descours, 45, …