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In a few years, this young jack-of-all-trades has become a key figure in men’s and vintage fashion.

It is rare to see an article in the “Success Story” section when you are just 30 years old. And yet, we have to face the facts: we will have to if the sirens of success do not go to his head, count for a lot of years on this boy with the skull of an egg. Before even mentioning his multiple activities, it should be noted at the outset that Mr Borsarello stands out from his contemporaries. In the crowd, his blue eyes stand out, especially since they overlook a half-carnivorous, half-sincere smile which, like all good sellers, disarms his interlocutor. Its appearance, above all, immediately stands out. Not in the sense that it combines the elements in tune with the times these days, branded clothing, showy logo or multiple and varied collabs … but rather because it fits, for who knows how to read it, over time. The long time in this case. This 30-year-old indeed combines old and new pieces, patinated rarities and finds for the general public. The day we met, he sported a four-button double-breasted jacket that Prince Charles could have worn in the early 1980s. Proof that he doesn’t care what we will say, we saw him leave a white t-shirt to protrude from the collar of your shirt, wear a bob, a turtleneck or wear a scarf tied around your neck.

And if we talk to you about him today, it is because wherever our eyes are posed, we end up falling on his little face. The press? He is the editor of the new men’s magazine “etiquette”. Trade? He is in charge of the thrift store Le Vif in Paris. Vintage? He has had a showroom for years from which the best stylists and enlightened amateurs come to draw. A brand? He relaunches Kidur, supplier of shirts for the peasant world since the 1920s. The common point in all these experiences: it is not fashion, this old obsession of the 2010s, but clothing, its manufacture, its use, it’s meaning. This modern young man talks about the material, cut, fold, hem like the old tailors.There was not really a link between second-hand clothes and the fashion world, that’s what I’m trying to do,” he says in the Holiday Boileau boutique, for which he also provides artistic direction. It means finding the best goods and having a clear message with flavour and culture.  If it is in the 16th district in full revival, Gauthier Borsarello does not mean a child of beautiful areas.

He comes from the deep suburbs, from Essonne, near Draveil and Montgeron, where there is enough room to raise a family of six classical child musicians. He plays the double bass and will become, despite the daily RER hours to go to the good Parisian establishments, professional player, before giving up the instrument. Probably because by dint of following a father passionate about precious objects, he began to scrutinize military outfits on the other stands. And like certain partitions with straight lines on which light notes stand out, the khaki green outfits speak to him little by little. Indeed, among the innumerable old trellises, we find what fans call “militaria”, beautiful and rare pieces, witnesses of bygone eras, of forgotten rites. Gauthier identifies the best and buys them. Enough to constitute, over the years, a small treasure and change branches. The music then gives way to clothing: vintage, a discipline elevated to the rank of religion in Japan but strangely little taken seriously in France, will be his music theory.

By dint of accumulating beautiful pieces, I ended up being spotted and hired by the Ralph Lauren brand to manage their old stock,” says Gauthier. Then I was told, “Why don’t you open a place for yourself? It’s missing in Paris. ” I started with a space of 15 m² in the 11th arrondissement where specialists came to get their supplies ”, including Franck Durand, renowned artistic director, who became his pygmalion. It should be added that Instagram helped him a lot. It is there, in large part, with beautiful photos, that the economy of desire is produced today. Failing to be born in the right place, Gauthier Borsarello, therefore, arrived at the right time. On the one hand, the esthetes of the 2010s are looking for a space between inaccessible fashion and fast-fashion, and on the other, these boys fed up in cinema and literature have lots of images of chic men in their heads. Me, it is as much the outfits of Michael J. Fox in“ Back to the future ”, as Popeye or the heroes of Balzac. I always say to myself, “I have to find what they’re wearing.” » Because, as explained in the book« Retro-cool, how vintage can save the world »by Nathalie Dolivo and Katell Pouliquen, the existential vacuum of the era doomed to hyperconsumption is gradually filled by the past. More and more people dress with second-hand outfits because they are not expensive, of good quality and because they also cure ultramodern anxiety: I use to feel good but by doing so, I am making the environmental crisis worse. 

In the 1990s, DJs directed thousands of fans to the right soul, jazz, rock records… Now, smugglers like Gauthier Borsarello and Marc Beaugé, co-founder of the magazine “etiquette”, guide the public towards quality clothes, old or new. “True luxury is not what is expensive or the brand says the bargain hunter, it is craftsmanship, which has to do with the time required to manufacture the product. However, when he saw him invited to the program “Quotidien” – where his comrade Marc Beaugé officiates -, we thought that the preacher of patience had quickly assimilated the recipes for success … It was before Gilles Lellouche, director of the film “Le Grand Bain”, speak on the set. He had just recognized the boy who, a few years ago, sold him Ralph Lauren jeans. The hurried young man had in fact taken his time.


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